The not too distant future

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"I’d been preparing for this moment for years. How close I am to that moment hits me as I walk into what’s considered the most decadent and exclusive club in Manhattan. It’s one of the biggest kept secrets in New York. Otherwise, the remaining Humans would have destroyed it by now. I don’t know which repulses me more, the task at hand or the smell of a mixture of cheap perfume, alcohol and outlawed cigarette smoke.

I must convince the five biggest jerks in the history of Humanity to back a relocation project to the moon as part of saving our species. Motivated purely by profit, their greed had grown along with their bank balances. If I can’t show them the financial benefit of saving our species, we are lost. While not on their level, I know how to speak their language. That’s why I was chosen for this mission."

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Eric Jeffrey Kaufman is passionate about what it will take to create sustainable and resilient communities around the world.
A long-time spiritual practitioner, sci-fi fan and non-profit organization director, Eric’s mission is to help you think about the type of world you want to live in and inspire you to make the changes you long to see.


Fiction to inspire you to awaken and the non-fiction to call you to take the action you need to create a sustainable and resilient community.

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